Monday, 25 March 2013

Tue, 26 March: UoA Greens on Campus Meeting

26 March 2013
18:00 - 20:00

The University of Auckland, Arts 1 (Bldg 206), Level 2, Room 216

This will be the first of our regular fortnightly meetings. Come along, meet other Greenies, discuss things that matter.

This week we'll talk about a few options re what issue(s) we'd like the club to focus on this year. Totally up to us members, so pls feel free to make suggestions about what is important to you, to other students, and to New Zealand more generally.

There have been requests that we follow up on the NZ Child Poverty issues that Marianna from Child Poverty Action Group introduced us to during the previous meeting. We are in possession of the price-winning documentary 'Inside Child Poverty' now, and we'll screen it during the second half of the meeting. The documentary explores the last 100 years of child welfare in New Zealand and has been called 'compulsory viewing'.

Marco :)

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Greens on Campus 2013 AGM done :)

Reports given, elections held, poverty discussed, and pizza eaten.

Thanks so much for coming, everyone, it was great to see you all. And a particular thanks to everyone who stood for Executive Committee. Let's make this a year of supreme Green goodness.

Meet the new committee:

Katie Ball, Co-convener
Marco Grix, Co-convener
Nick Higgins, Treasurer
Liv Jackson, Events coordinator
Daniel Nicholson, Events coordinator
Hazel McCulloch, Social coordinator
Bing Zhang, Social coordinator

We'll be in touch soon.

Marco :)

Monday, 11 March 2013

Greens on Campus AGM, tonight at 6pm, FREE PIZZA

As you all know we'll have our AGM tonight at 6pm in Arts 1 (Building 206, see map below), room 216. There will be FREE PIZZA.

We will also be given a talk about child poverty in New Zealand by Marianna (Child Poverty Action Group). Should be interesting.

See you tonight,
Marco :)

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Thanks :)

Thanks so much to all Campus Greens who helped out with this week's O Week presence, particularly Samuel, Philip, Kate, David, Um Esh, Terri, and Michelle. We're also very grateful to our MPs Holly, Denise, and Gareth for their support!! It was a great week - heaps of new members, good conversations, lots of laughter, and constant sunshine. O for awesome :D

Don't forget, O Week BBQ tomorrow (Friday) eve, 6pm at Vernon's place. (Come to corner of Eden Cresc and Parliament St; on Eden Cres, look for a green gate with a sign saying 'Westminster Court'.)

All best,
Marco Grix :)

Monday, 4 March 2013

O Week / Clubs Expo (04 - 08 March)

The Auckland Greens on Campus are out there this week as part of O Week and the Clubs Expo. Come and find us, have a chat, sign up for the club again for this year.

Meet Green Party MPs everyday Tuesday to Thursday, between 12:00-14:00:

MP David Clendon (Tertiary Education, Police)
MPs Holly Walker (Housing, Youth/Students) and Gareth Hughes (Energy, Mining, ICT)
MP Denise Roche (Gambling, Waste, Industrial Relations)

For details about else what the club does over the next two weeks see the file below :) !!

All best,
Marco :)

Thursday, 28 February 2013

2013 Annual General Meeting

It's that time of year again. Please come and join us during our AGM. Pizza will be provided, yay :)

During the meeting you'll have a chance to:
- Meet other members
- Hear about the club and what we do
- Participate in the club's decision-making
- Partake in executive elections

If all goes according to plan, we'll also have a guest speaker on child poverty.

12 March, 18:00 - 20:00
University of Auckland, Arts 1 (Bldg 206), Level 2, Room 216

If you'd like to nominate candidates for the club's executive, please do so per email.

(for GoC)

2013 Orientation Week

Next week is O Week at University of Auckland. Naturally, we will have a stall on campus, Monday to Friday (04 - 08 March), 10:00 - 15:00.

Please let us know if you are able to help out at the stall. You will have the opportunity to hang out with some cool Green MPs. We have David Clendon on Tuesday, Holly Walker and Gareth Hughes on Wednesday, and Denise Roche on Thursday. So come and join us, chat with MPs, meet new club members, and have a great time.

We're number 78 on the map below, next to the Recreation Centre.

If you are able to help out at the stall, please indicate your availabilities at this doodle poll:

(for GoC)

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Welcome to our blog :)

Hi all,

About time that the Greens on Campus (University of Auckland) set up their own blog, yay :)

Of course, we have a Facebook group too, but some people don't want to join Facebook. Now you won't have to. Whatever (important) things we post there we will also post here, promise.

And, as always, feel free to contact us per email.

If you would like to follow this blog by email, enter your address at the bottom.

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